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Oprah wants respect
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Count down script by: Robert Hashemian

Until we are rid of obama

(if there is a country left)

"Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history. President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy." -Влади́мир Влади́мирович Пу́тин, (Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin).

This worthless POS (major player in obamacare) reveals the mindset of the faction trying to destroy this country.

Stupid communists, do they actually believe they will live like this went they get their communist utopia established?

shariah law is not superior to anything, and o-hole is a secular humanist, not a muslim.

"Delusional Liar"

This is just wrong! o-hole is not trained.

"Liberty Tax"

Yeah, keep getting your news from the mainstream media. They want everyone as stupid as themselves.

To see how real communist live.

Comming from o-hole, someone I would not trust with a pointed stick.

Don't pick on 0-hole over spelling. It was not correct on his teleprompter. He can't help it because he never learned (or will ever learn) anything.

obamacore, communist core, same thing.

As one commenter stated "and so it begans". Thermite, invest in thermite.

"The sad part is that Obama doesn’t even know what to do with his marbles." God, you have to love that!

"Hey, not being allow to have a d!*k up your @$$ is the same as having to ride in the back of the bus." o-hole (paraphrased)

o-hole is just protecting his comrades, our enemies.

o-hole corrupt?!?

Only those that voted for o-hole.

I feel safer already.

Would you expect anything less from Reggie's and Eric's butt buddy.

I can't make the o-hole/Castro connection except they are both socialist/statist/communists. o-hole would have to stand on Frank Davis' sholders to kiss Fidel's @$$.

The Godfather spells it out. Sh!ta Jack@$$ Looser is what is wrong with this country.

Charles Krauthammer Explains Obama’s Lawlessness.

I am starting to like Russians.

Yeah, it's everybody else's fault.

0-hole's handlers are insane and out to destroy the US. He cannot be misinformed as he is a MORON.

Yes, duh.

He is out to destroy America.

Along with Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Aldoph Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong...

The luster is lost.

No, we hate him because he is a stupid, lying, American hating socialist/marxist tool that is trying to bring down this country.

Well, there is someone on the planet more stupid than o-hole.

Heil o-Hitler!

o-hole has got to be insane for this level of hyprocrisy.

o-hole should shove that pen and phone up his ass and quit with the doublespeak. Everything this moron does is designed to destroy any chance of Americans getting ahead.


$1.4M/year, I'm suprised it is not a lot more considering the train wreck that is the flotUS.

They say this like it is a bad thing, o-hole can't f'k things up when he golfing.

Top 10 most corrupt, o-hole should be proud.

Welfare Warpath

o-hole's entire live has been a misstep!

Baba needs to quit with the koolaid and go lay down.

Yea, that's creepy....

Throwing money away it what progressives do best and hey, o-hole can't let the union thugs loose their positions.

A real American would have bitch-slapped Raul.

Nobody in change and malfeasance, gotta love o-hole.

Beyond learning, puppet of George Soros and incompetent, Walter Williams nailed it!

o-hole needs to be in a cell, that's for sure!

There is no such thing as government sucessess, especially with o-hole in office.

Yet another lie.

All about o-hole.

o-hole is a lying prick, everyone with 2 brain cells knows this. Why is this news.

100 days, impotent o-hole.


“We’ve got this Constitution..." damn, I wonder if someone can read it to him. And BTW, we are a Republic not a democracy Moron!

No, statists want to lavish money on anything that will keep them in power. Gotta keep the voter slaves on the plantation!

Because o-hole thinks he's god (maybe one of allah's demons?).

Not socialist, HaHaHaHaHa... marxist, communist, statist, socialist and over all enemy of America.

Problem is o-hole is too stupid to learn.

No oprah, it's because he is f'ing stupid!

Lawless o-hole, doesn't care about the Constitution, that old paper is for little people.

You can't "win back" something you never had.

Reid says it's o-hole's baby.

I'm getting the book.

No argument from me.

o-hole's main voter block.

Oh nooo. The obamobots are starting to think for themselves!

Know-Nothing President

The dumbass makes himself look bad by his very being. he can only threaten a reporter for reporting the truth.

Yes he does. He has the morals of a bitch in heat. He wanted to pass laws that kill babies that survived abortions for goodness sake! o-hole will side with muslims as they are also without any morals.

he does know anything, can never learn anything and his administration is running the country into the ground.

Safe bet, he always lies.

What the 0-hole means there is 11 million demoncrap voters that can't vote yet.

Too little, too late.

Idiots have to help each other.

(20 second ad at first)

Yea, that's about right.

his army? o-hole is just a 3rd world shit-hole dictator wannabe!

Oprah got the shaft by o-hole? He lied to her? She was just as stupid as all the other obamabots.

I can't stand to look at him either. Or boehner for that matter.

Stupid ads for stupid o-hole voters.

Everything he says is a lie, duh.

Damn, CBS just came off the plantation! Dun't thems fears the beatin from the massa if'n theys found out?

Because PBS (Preaching Bull S#!T) is the communist mouth piece for liberals.

o-hole hates everything about America. These illegals should be dropped back into their own countries. How high do airplanes fly? Just asking.

More on o-hole giving arms to mexican drug lord, or has he calls them potiental voters.

toddler in chief

o-hole built that

I was wrong, he's a PETTY @$$#0le

o-hole is an @$$#0le

OH, he bends over.

"This is something fundamentally wrong with this president"

Right out of Nixon's play book, I wonder who read it to o-hole?

If this is a suprize to you, pull your head out of your @$$.

No, the gubmint shutdown is only for the "little people".

Anyone who voted for o-hole should be punished. Shutting down the government doesn't punish anyone, unless they cut off the handouts. Then a lot of o-hole voters would be "punished".


"for the sake of the children"! This POS is so out of touch with America. We are told not to judge muslims by the act of one terrorist but we are to judge all gun owners by the act of one demented criminal. What a bunch of $#!T.

As I said earlier, o-hole ia a f'ing criminal and congress is a bunch of spinless cowards!

Hell, why not? 0-hole gave guns to mexican drug lord. This O(ass)-hole is a criminal.

It's good to be the king, except we're not susposed to have a king.

0-hole verse 0-hole

Collapse due to epic fail!

Drug addict, weak- kneed, lying, war mongering punk, marxist, this article has it all.

0-hole is a betrayer of benefactors (see Dante's Inferno).

Good article.

"People need to wake up. Trust no one and seek your own truth."

"the world now knows he is a big mouthed idiot" So true!

o-hole is a clown and America is the laughing stock. BTW, if they made fun of Bush all the networks would had cheered.

That's what dictators do. Hitler would be proud!

o-hole's recovery worse than the recession, but only for hard working Americans. Welfare queens and criminals are doing just fine.

Everyone know kerry is a liar. Putin is more honest than all of o-hole's administration and main stream news media combined. And he does not hate America as much as they do.

Incoherent, that's a much nicer than what I call him!

This is what happens when the botox is injected too deep.

Pretty bad when CNN reports the truth.

"nudge" us and we will PUSH back. Oh, and a nice picture of o-hitler.

I like Ben.

by blowing up the World Trade Center?

Let's ask the families of Christopher Stevens and Brian Terry.


ohole a racist!?! No $#!t.

I wish her communist husband was in prison.

Of course he does, ohole hates America more that the terrorist!


Criminal or Incompetent? I think criminally incompetent.

I love this!

What an @$$! The Marine could be reprimanded for violation of dress code but o-hole doesn't care. King o-hole, king of the classless pussies.

I don't have to see emails to know o-hole is a lying sack 'o $#!t.

With o-hole as president America is not a great as it used to be. America IS the GREATEST country on the Earth, despite the @$$#0le in the White House.

Party while the country is mired in debt, poverty, taxes and class warfare. Reminds one of Louie and Marie.

Change we can Hope for.

democRATS deserting a sinking ship.

Sad state of America and the criminals in charge.

Don't think for yourselves, obey and love the gubment which is the answer to all your concerns. What a dumb@$$. Only a tryant would say such a thing!

Den of thieves.

No DUMBASS, mexico is responsible for gun violence in their country. Maybe if you and your butt buddy (dick)Holder did not give guns to drug dealers they would have less violence!

So did fast & ferious,

This shows ohole's true feeling about America. We all know mexico had the most corrupt government on the planet, at least until the current traitor got elected.

The new chrissy tingles!

o-hole is a good little Hitler/Stalin/Pol Pot death advocate.

It really is o-hole's economy.

o-hole asked God to bless baby killers. What god does he profess, Molech?, Satan? or maybe that lessor demon islamist terrorist call allah?

Civil right my @$$. eric (with)holder cares only for illegals and criminals. He and his daddy o-hole should go to jail.

Because o-hole is a petty little communist Hitler wannabe.

Yep, now he's just an old muslim socialist.

because the o-hitler is a muslim sympatyizer.

Everyone with 2 working brain cells knows this. Kinda explains the lame stream media propaganda machine and o-hole junkies.

I never was.

Train Wreck

I never was.

This POS has just reached a new low! I can't believe this $#!t. Oh wait, he means the guns his butt buddy erDICK holder sent to Mexihole.

And to think I thought liberals were too stupid to learn.

moochelle, genius.

Good news!

National Irony Day?

Not really about o-hole but gives you a good look into progressive mind.

It won't be impossible as soon as he figures out a way to disarm the populous.

o-hole is a much better basketball player than president.


Ironic isn't it.


Actually good news, o-hole is less likely to screw something up while on vacation.

Because o-hole is an anti-America terrorist-sympathizing moron.

CNN wondered off the plantation.

It's good to be the king's spawn.

Why don't o-hole just burn money for heat? I thought there was a sequester.

The easiest homework assignment on the planet.


I wonder if he had a Slurpee while he waited for another car?

How dare you question o-hole lavish vacations?!?

Don't question the won.

Hyprocrisy most delicious.

Love is blind.

Actually Satan is an angel of light, very pleasant looking. I guess o-hole followers are a lot like Satan's minions, only a lot more stupid.

Happy birthday to her hind-ness.



o-hole attracts tax cheats.

Damn! A 19 point drop in the polls in New York City, the most liberal cesspit on the east coast.

All o-hole knows is taxes. He is a moron and a prick.

I prefer "COWARD".

Just another o-hole mouth piece pretending to be a news outlet.

For the children props.

Ouch! This show the current POTUS is a POS

"Fraud-in-the-White House"

Freudian slip? No he's just a f'ing commuist.

If you want to check out "Mein Kampf", "Rules for Radicals", "Communist Manifesto"
or a crappy book by bill ayers, "dreams of my father, frank davis?".


Most former drug addicts are.

Sissy boy can't stand a little heat, so he sucks up to his sycophants.

Yeah, everthing o-hole does (or doesn't do) is illegal. So what's new.

Petty little girl ain't he.

HaHaHaHaHaHa, Jedi mind-meld, HaHaHaHaHaHa. These are not the socialist we are looking for! HaHaHaHaHaHa o-hole's ears are too big to be on a Vulcan. HaHaHaHaHaHa. And Wookies, HaHaHaHaHaHa

But still not that close.
1. Nixon never killed anyone (see fast & furious and Benghazi).
2. In the immortal words of Tom Horn “Geronimo's Nixon's a man so great, that Corbett o-hole there would have to stand on his mother's shoulders to kiss his ass…”

Well, finally some good news. One less socialist on the planet.

Pretty scary when SNL figures it out.

Wow, how nice. I would have said "Know nothing, indecisive, micro-managing COWARD".

Yeah o-hole, whose side are you on?!?

Because the lame stream media has been, is now and will always be in the tank for this worthless POS, which they see as their communist messiah.

This is the stupidest thing I have seen in a while. o-hole is the one with the mental health issues. And where did he (if ever) study economics? BTW, o-hole, if you want to use less oil QUIT GOING ON VACATION EVERY OTHER WEEK!!!

Most transparent president ever.

I am not a fan of McCain but he is right. o-hole is a treasonous, anti-American criminal. And gregory is a useless lefttard tool that could not feed himself if his head every came out of o-hole's @$$.

No, the problem is morons in this country voted you president. Emperors, like Tsars, Dictators and Kings are easily dealt with.

This is what I said in my fisk of the SOTU. o-hole voters and morons (but I repeat myself) need not read this as you could never understand it.

Dishonest tweets? Rush is being nice. It is LYING $#!T vomiting out of o-hitler. You know when o-hitler is lying? ALL THE TIME!

This shows how utterly inept o-hitler truly is. he thinks everyone loves him and would never attack us. Truth be told, all our enemies either hate him, use him like a tool or laugh at this impotent, little baby man.

o-hitler truly is transparent. he does not even try to cover his lies.

o-hitler's butt suckers don't want to pay for what they supported. Proves union workers are the stupidest organisms on the planet.

Here is my take on o-hitler's SOTU. It was 13 pages so there is no formating except my fisk is in red.

o-hitler's Gallop ratings in time for the SOTU.

Dr. Benjamin Carson at the National Prayer Breakfast. The only thing I found offensive was o-hitler and joe bite-men were in attendance. These two together could not come up with the intelligence Dr. Carson's mother cleaned out of his diaper.

On the ninth day, God made a liberal.

"And the entire administration participated in an effort to cover up the truth." This makes me sick.

Illegals are breaking the law by just being here and o-hilter and his administration is breaking the law by not allow ICE to do their job.

Hee hee... Chicago mob boss. Although the mindset implies this, we all know o-hitler is too stupid to be a mob boss.

Where does o-hitler get these stupid S#!ts!?!

Even the Egyptians can see what a tool o-hitler is.

Comparing o-hole's DHS to Hitler's Gestapo. o-hitler, I like that.

I could have told you this years ago. Anyone that pro-abortion, pro-islam and pro-homosexual cannot be a Christian. Oh and BTW, 20 years listening to Jeremiah Wright's black liberation theology is not going to teach anyone about Jesus Christ.

o-hole's love of the camel dung followers of a demon possessed pedophile is indeed traitorous. When the middle east $#!thole erupts the blood of thousands will be on the o-hole's hands.

"Outreach" to islamists, arming our enemies and trying to disarm law-abiding AMERICAN CITIZENS! I thought o-hole was stupid but now I know he is is an evil tool. It is the American voters that are stupid!

Oh looky, o-hole is a real manly man, using a gun and everything.

But don't PhotoShop ® it!

I use GIMP

Our tax dollars at work.

What difference does it make?

Sounds like a king to me, but maybe he prefers the term "dear leader".

The little boy can't deal with the fact that some most of us do not agree with him.

Maybe the dog ate it, damn this is getting old. Can this little boy-baby take any responsibility?

The lame-stream media will never tells us anything anymore. They are the propaganda/spin tool for the liberal agenda. If americans knew the real truth Hillery and her boss would probably go to jail.

Bat$#!T Crazy, I love this!

All the difference in the world!

Concedes obamacare didn't cut costs?!? o-hole knew this wouldn't work (or he is the STUPIDIST $#!T on the planet)! This is just another way to $©rew the working class. (My insurance almost doubled because I'm not on the gubment tit.)


Doctors talking to you about guns. o-hole must he out of his mind. Doctors get sued for everything now, does dumb@$$ think they are going to risk violating HIPAA? o-hole just wants to destroy whatever businesses he can.

holder begging, what a sleeze. But what would you expect from o-hole’s bitch.

Trying to take semi-automatic rifles from law abiding Americans while giving islamists nut-jobs F-16's and Abram tanks. o-hole is just plain evil.

o-pussy has to hide behind children to sign his bull-$#!+ executive order edict.

Oh yes, please please please save us o-hole from the icky guns....What a turd, I mean toure.

Sure, let's get rid of the Bible at the o-hole's coronation. He does not believe in it, the libtards don't believe in it and who would believe the lying @$$#0le even if he swore on the Bible. Maybe he could use one of his books or 0'dullards thigh. And BTW o'dullard, I accept all of the teachings in the Bible.

o-hole is such an incompetent appeaser that he cannot even appease the liberals.

I wonder what the o-hole is scared of? Doesn't the entire world and everyone in it love him?

Well the sequel is never as good and the original. I suspose enough losers will show to trash the place like they did last time.

king o-hole, now that's sickening.

Yes we do have a spending problem. What a dumb@$$.

Of course he will. He lies. You know when o-hole is lying, his lips are moving.

But why? o-hole and his people are so honest and transparent and good and ...

Yep, never let a crisis go to waste, strike while the iron's hot, get it through before the children's blood cool.

I like this strategy. It worked on Nixon (whose crime was covering up a break-in at the DNC, not causing/allowing the death of an american border guard and 4 americans at our embassy)


Makes sense, weak minds are easily Influenced.

First muslim president? Nah, I think o-hole is a secular humanist but I don't think any of the organized humanist groups would claim him. So let's just call him what he is, soros' communist tool.

I know, I know, this site is about the o-hole but I like this and she is o's secretary of state.

Yeah, spread it around.

$7 million on vacations in one month. Must be tough.

Flat out lie. No one, even o-hole (and that's saying a lot), is so stupid to think that this cannot be checked.

o-hole is handing out the goodies to jerk biteme and the rest of the parasites in the capitol.

Everything about this is bogus. The school shooting is working out to be a great distraction for o-hole.

o-hole only responds to petitions that further his agenda.

o loves himself so much you can't tell him to go $crew himself, he probably does.

Screw the country, everything is about o-hole "winning". What an @$$.

Another way to see how o-hole is destroying America.

I guess when you are a criminal everyone looks like a criminal. eric "o-hole's d!©k" holder is the one that should be monitored.

o-hole chose a coward and an America hater for sec. of state. I guess Lurch can bow lower than o-hole to our enemies.

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and the Ayatollah Khomeini. o-hole is in good company.

o-hole and the Middle East, reminds me of the nerdy little boy that wants to play with the other kids. He gives them all his toys and they play with him a while and then take his toys and run him off of the playground. I almost feel sorry for the o-hole, almost.

Prison's too good for him. I'm thinking Gitmo, you know, some waterboarding, a little man-love from achmed....

o-hole's chairman of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness likes China, just like o-hole.

WTF!?! o-hole just admitted to being a socialist (because everything out of his mouth is a lie).

Out of control insanity, and because it's on his watch I blame the o-hole.

Don't waste a crisis o-hole. Greasing the cogs of your gun grabbing machine with the blood of dead childern. POS!

Well o-hole does have to pay for those votes.

Another blatant lie. Transparent as tire rubber.

The war back in 1861 to 1865 was not a Civil War (two or more factions vying for control of a country). It was a war between the Union States and the seceded Confederate States. It was fought over state's right and slavery. Lincoln ended it and restored the union. o-hole is starting it again by dividing the union over the same issues (Federal government over states' sovereignty and government slavery, i.e. the welfare/govenment handout recipients and their masters in the government.

o-hole is a statist. This is almost the same thing as a socialist except the government controls the socialism mechanism. See Nazism and Fascism (i.e. Communism).

54 Christmas trees. It must be tough to go through the holidays with so few. How many Christmas trees does a muslim sympathizer need?

The new presidential anthem. It's what got him elected.

Horrendous decisions are the only kind the o-hole can make. Hey, but he is only doing what his handlers tell him to do.

Everything about the o-hole's administration is laughable except the fact they all HATE America!

The o-hole administration is hell bent on destroying this country. When are YOU PEOPLE going to wake up?!?!?

Wild Bill is right. o is a murderer and our press the liberal propaganda machine is letting him get away with it.

Finally, some real ART!

jamie foxx is a praising his god, how sweet.

Yep, o voters. even Pravda can see it.

truth my A$$

No we need to squash the un. Burn the un building down and bulldoze it into the river and make the site a landfill.

This is not a new idea. I quit contributing to my retirement account the day after o-hole was elected the first time. I found a better investment for my money.

This is not news. News would be someone with an IQ higher that 6 watching msnbc.

Because he is a filthy communist!

Impose his will on Congress, o has got to be the stupidest president we have ever had.

This entire administration is evil, anti-American worthless trash and o is the POS it all revolves around.

When a Russian see you as a communist you are a communist, their take on the election..."re-elected for a 2nd term by an illiterate society".

Of course o blunders, he's a MORON!

Hell they're not responsible enough to be allowed to handle sharp objects.

If this is the norm for o-hole crowd maybe we should not our pay taxes either.

High on coolade

Do nothing o-hole

Treason indeed

Not more unemployment, more slaves for the o plantation.

Food stamps for votes, remember this:

4 years of distress will surely sink this ship.

regulations now, decrees later.

Karl, o-hole, same difference.


It starts

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