President George Bush was hounded, hammered and abused by the mainstream media for 8 years. The media was instrumental in getting obama elected. The MSM has been in the obama tank since the beginning of his 2008 campaign. He was not vetted then and has gotten a free ride with all his lying and dirty dealings since. I started this site the day after the 2008 election to chronicle the incompetence and lying of this man-child. I was aware of his past as I investigated him myself and I am no journalist. Even though I felt like I knew what kind of person obama was and the type of people he associates with, I was not prepared for what has transpired these last 4 year. He had 2 years with a democrat controlled congress and senate with which he has wreeked havoc on this country. What he could not get through congress after Republican take over he pushed through by executive orders and regulations. The economy is ruined, more people than ever are unemployed/underemployed and our credit rating had dropped. We have $16 trillion in national debt and have more people than ever on the government tit. The senate has not passed a budget in 4 years and have been running a trillion dollar deficit for each year of o-hole's presidency. We now have to contend with the beginnings of socialized medicine. Our enemies are emboldened and our allies do not know where we stand and on top of all that obama now has the blood of a dead border guard, hundreds of Mexicans and 4 dead Americans in Benghazi on his hands. Yet the American people re-elected him.

This site will continue to chronicle obama. I just hope the country can survive four more years.

I give you....

O Shit!
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